Lightning Monthly: December 2015

Happy December!

Hello friends!  Welcome to the last month of 2015!
Phew!  It has been quite a year!!!  I am so grateful that you have shared this journey with me.  We've all had our share of ups and downs, and now it's time to finish out the year with big changes and appropriate endings.  Not all endings have to be unhappy....we can make the most of them and forge ahead! 

Here is your Lightning Reading for the month of December 2015:

For the first week of the month, we can feel the winds of change blowing....which can bring a whirlwind of emotions.  We feel sadness, regret, anxiousness, and sometimes-even anger over past grievances.  While it is okay to feel our feelings, we also must accept the changes that are brewing.  You will come out on top if you stay focused on the positive side of all things.  The past may creep up on you and invite a blowout....fear not, everything is happening in divine time.  Destruction brings beauty...and shifts that are much needed in our lives.

For the second week of the month, we are being offered help in areas we feel lack.  If you've resisted help in the past, now is the time to receive!  When we say "No" when someone offers their help to us, we are blocking their blessing.  Even if the help annoys you...take it and smile, and say thank you!  We get by with a little help from our friends.  Remember that.  We are a global community.  Do what you can to help others, and in turn, invite the blessings you've been hoping for into your life.  Lend a hand.  You won't regret it.  Give someone else a leg up in the world too!

For the third week of the month, the theme is fairness.  Are you blaming others?  Are you causing unnecessary suffering for yourself as a result?  This is no time for comparison, tit for tat does not help anyone.  Balance is always restored by nature.  Even when you feel drained, know that you will get the rest and relief you deserve.  It is a choice.  Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and what they have learned.  See the rude man in the grocery store as a small child who misses his mother.  See the speeding driver as someone who does not feel worthy enough to create safe situations.  See yourself as a student.  Learn all you can.  See through the eyes of compassion.

For the fourth week of the month, we get to celebrate the sweetness of our lives.  Social situations are buzzing with joy and laughter.  You're feeling triumphant about every action you're making.  Miracles show up in many forms.  The job you want may come in a completely different package.  The person you admire may introduce you to someone who is a better fit for you.  By saying yes to that holiday party invite, you may get connected with the friends you've been waiting for.  Take leaps, and the net will appear.  Enjoy the richness of where you are.  Bask in your joy.

For the fifth and final week of 2015, we are sailing into the new horizon.  Yes, turbulent waters are behind us, and we cannot see where the next harbor is.  But, enjoy the mystery in that.  We are creating our own map along the way.  There are no rules.  No guidelines.  Sail without qualm.  It is time to let go of the past, and start a new.  Anything the universe throws at you can be handled.  Trust that as we are coming out of a stage of turbulence and discontent during 2015, 2016 offers the peace that we've been dreaming of.  Take this week as a time of reflection, shedding the past year like a garment...and awaiting the fabric of the coming year with hope.

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All of my love to each and every one of you,
The Lady of Lightning

Brooke Dabalos