Lightning Real Talk #7: Possibility in Every Breath

Lightning Real Talk: Truth delivered from my heart to yours. 

Did you know that your favorite famous person has to go to the dentist? They also have to figure out what to wear every day (unless they have a stylist). The person you have put on the highest mountain of accomplishment and fame has a human life, just like you. Which, if you know anything about human life…it’s not always glamorous. There is not always a red carpet or glittering lights. There is not always an answer to the deep pain they experience. And, they also feel lost..probably more often than you think. 

Photo by:  Karen Santos , Hair and Makeup by:  Lindsay Dabalos

Photo by: Karen Santos, Hair and Makeup by: Lindsay Dabalos

The same goes for that one person you have in your life, that seems to have it all figured out. And, we all have that person. Maybe it’s your sister, or a coworker. Maybe it’s just someone from high school who you always wished you could be. THEY TOO HAVE TO GO TO THE DENTIST. They too have moments that are so agonizing, they want to disappear. 

There is truly nothing that separates us, at least emotionally. Maybe someone is famous and has money and privileges that you don’t have. But, think about the joy and beauty in your own life. Those little pockets of joy don’t go anywhere despite your pain. And those lovely moments you have, are still special. Even if they don’t involve money or fame. 

Humanity is what ties us all together. Even the person you see as suffering the most has the ability to laugh and smile. While there is so much that divides us in our society, there is hope when we can acknowledge our little pockets of happiness, and make an effort to spread it to those around us. And when you get into the deep dark caverns of life, that seem to take away all of your lightness…remember that those moments have meaning and purpose too. If we were never sad, would we ever be happy? If we were never poor, would we even care about being wealthy? 

No matter what path you choose, or what life you have been born into, possibility dwells in your every breath. Obstacles exist. Adversity is no joke. It’s amazing that nature has produced so many versions of life. We are a part of an amazing work of art. We are a collective of voices and visions. Embrace the situation you are in, and do every action with your whole heart. Don’t let success be the only goal. Let it also be experience. Let your goal also be learning. Allow your aspirations to be in sync with who you are. That is when you will discover and begin to love your own uniqueness. Your unique self is worth fighting for.  And if you end up famous as a result, that’s awesome. But, make sure you don’t miss out on the magnificent ups and downs. Don’t ignore the failures and sadness. No matter how dark life gets, don’t miss the view from where you are. 

There are always things to be grateful for. And, the more we can all see that, the more the world will change. We don’t need more separation or fear. We need more love, appreciation, and embracement. Knock down those castles you build for others in your mind…and build one for yourself. You are an incredible human being, right now. And, I see you. 


Brooke Dabalos