Lightning Real Talk #2: The Gift of Disappointment

Photo by:  Karen Santos , Hair and Makeup by:  Lindsay Dabalos

Photo by: Karen Santos, Hair and Makeup by: Lindsay Dabalos

Lightning Real Talk: True stories from my life that have inspired the work I do today. 

I was prepared. I had all the supplies and materials to teach a workshop in Portland, and one in Seattle a few days later. Everything seemed to be planned perfectly. It was a new concept I was trying out. Merging healing, and art together. What could go wrong?


I arrived at the Portland workshop, and no one showed up.

I started my drive up to Seattle for workshop #2, and my car broke down 1 hour from my destination. 

Needless to say, I was pissed. Throwing my hands up to the heavens. Enraged, disappointed, and angry…cue me crying in the tow truck. Luckily the driver was wise and said, “It could have been much worse.” He was right. I was safe. My car was broken, but in tact for the most part. I needed to change my attitude. 

That was a difficult day in retrospect, sure. But, the next day, while having tea in Portland, I walked into Anjali Healing Center, and a whole new world of opportunities arrived for me. When the day before was a complete disaster! The universe was sneakily guiding me to a new place to provide my services..right in own my backyard. 

Today, that workshop is called Tarot Collage. A similar concept, but it took a year of experimentation, healing, break downs, and break throughs to get there. Clarity couldn’t have happened without those two redirections.

We’ve all experienced disappointments like this. I urge you to find the beauty in them. We are one bad day away from our dream circumstance. The moment of surrender is close by..even if tears and anger are in the way. Travel back to a place of gratitude. You might not see the reason for your heartache right now. But, you will. 

A year later, those disappointments are little blinks on the radar. As I have more clarity about what’s right for me, the things that are not in alignment fall away quickly…and that is something to be thankful for.