Weekly Lightning Reading: May 15th-21st

Here’s your Weekly Lightning Reading. An overview of the energy for this week. The theme is INITIATION!

The beginning of this week, you are stuck in a spiral of worry. What thoughts are keeping you up at night? While fear and negative emotions are completely natural, and normal, The Nine of Swords suggests that you’re being overly dramatic. Instead of worrying, what can you do to feel better? Focusing on the negative will not create solutions! Find a way to change your energy. “If you’re troubled, you’ve just gotta let it go.” —Alicia Keys, “Troubles” 

The second half of the week, it’s time to initiate new beginnings. You might still be clumsy, and unsure, but you are ready for the leap. Whatever fear you felt at the start of the week has subsided, and you’re trusting that the heart knows the way. New doors are opening. You’re faced with a choice. Surrender, allow, and let go of your anxiety. Take advice from the pre-Ginger Spice era posse of 4, "If you keep holding on, you'll never be wrong. Just close your eyes cause it lies deep in your heart.”—Spice Girls, “Let Love Lead The Way"

For the weekend, the energy of new beginnings continues! The Page of Cups wants you to be open to the new possibilities pouring in. This card encourages you to tap into the wisdom of your inner child, where your intuition comes from! You may notice sentimental feelings bubbling up..coupled with heightened inspiration! Embrace this fresh perspective, and leave all earthly concerns behind. “We young right now, we got right now, so get up right now.”—Rihanna, “Right Now”

Listen to these songs when you need a reminder of the energy we’re working with. Music is healing! Which is why I make these cards. 

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Tarot Cards Designed by: The Lady Of Lightning.