Weekly Lightning Reading: April 3rd-9th

Here’s your Weekly Lightning Reading with a musical twist ;)  An overview of the energy for this week. The theme is BALANCE.


We start this week with a crabby moon in Cancer, exploring themes around collecting resources and gaining financial security. The King of Pentacles reminds you that your hard work from last week has paid off.. You’ve completed a phase or project, and now it’s time to move to the next. Continue making informed decisions around abundance, it’s paying off! "All the honeys, who making money, throw your hands up at me." —Destiny’s Child, “Independent Woman” 

Midweek, feelings of loss, heartbreak, and grief come up. The 3 of Swords wants you to release what no longer serves. It is painful to be rejected, but with this lesson comes important wisdom. This is the perfect time to cry, let it all out. Acknowledge the hurt that comes up, so you can begin to heal. “When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know.” —Stevie Nicks, “Dreams"

For the weekend, under the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, the truth comes out. The Justice Card helps you explore the relationship between cause and effect. Speak your truth to others, yes, but also don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. Your actions and thoughts do influence your world. None of us are above the balance in nature. “But you know a king, is only a man, with flesh and bones he bleeds just like you do.” —Solange, “Weary”

Tarot Cards Designed by: The Lady Of Lightning. 

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