Bey Tarot, Part 2: Who Run the World? Girls.

Happy International Women’s Day to the hard working, magical, strong femmes out there! This blog is dedicated to you!

I didn’t take today off, like many women out there. I acknowledge the privileges I’ve been afforded this lifetime, (food, water, shelter, education, and a loving family) and I am incredibly grateful. I made a choice to show up at my non-profit job today, and offered free readings on Instagram to show my support for women everywhere.

Unfortunately, A Day Without A Woman is not a protest that allows all boss ladies to walk out on their families and hard earned jobs…And this post especially goes out to you. By standing in your Boss Lady Power Position, you make a difference EVERY DAY. Not just today. So, I want to thank the ladies, mothers, non-binary, trans, and femme identifying peeps for showing up in the world. I feel your power, and honor it.


And now…that brings me to the Queen Bey.


When I think about today, it reminds me of the song, Run the World (which will also come up later in this post ;)

“This goes out to all the women getting it in,
you're on your grind.
To other men that respect what I do
please accept my shine.
Boy I know you love it
how we're smart enough to make these millions,
strong enough to bear the children,
then get back to business.”

The Queen always reminds us of our resilience, power,  and our ability to get to work…AND go above and beyond to do our work well. Which is why making tarot cards out of a strong, woman of color has been so fun and exciting to do. This is what a feminist looks like, and this is what deity looks like in modern times.


So, we will start with The Empress Card..perfect for today…

Image from  Beyonce's Twins Announcement.  Lyrics from   Halo   by: Beyonce.

Image from Beyonce's Twins Announcement. Lyrics from Halo by: Beyonce.

As a symbol of divine femininity, abundance, initiative, motherhood, and beauty, this image of twin-bearing Bey hit the spot. Poised and strong, yet feminine and soft, she seems honored to have the task of being a mother and welcomes the responsibility with ease. There is an aspect to this image that is about appreciating the body, and the mysterious, yet magical cycles we go through, which is integral to The Empress Card’s meaning. The sense of peace on her face reminded me of the song Halo, “It’s like I’ve been awakened, every rule I had you breaking. It’s the risk that I’m taking. I ain’t never gonna shut you out!” The song encapsulates The Empress Card’s sense of resolve, calmness, and seeing the beauty in the world.


Next, we have The Emperor Card.

Image from   Run The World   Music Video by: Beyonce

Image from Run The World Music Video by: Beyonce

As a card of authority, power, protection, and defense, this image/lyrics pairing from Run the World is perfect. This card expresses the need for order in chaos, rules, and leadership, which this version of Beyoncé personifies. The song and the music video exude fire, but also the constraints of being a boss. Having to get back to work, pay the bills, and be powerful despite what circumstances are given. The Emperor is prepared, confident, and is not afraid to take action if called upon. In case you forget, The Emperor Bey will remind you multiple times in the song... “Who run the world? Girls.”


Last, but not least, we have The Hierophant.

Image from   Daddy Lessons   Music Video by: Beyonce

Image from Daddy Lessons Music Video by: Beyonce

This card is about education, creating a strong belief system, and seeking out deeper meaning. Beyoncé’s Daddy Lessons speaks of a renegade father figure, who teaches about how to handle the ups and downs of life. While there is tenderness in the bond that this song expresses, what stands out most to me is the aspect of storytelling, typified by The Hierophant’s message of ritual and heritage. Positive or negative, we are all influenced by the culture we grow up in. This card inspires us to embrace our situation, but not to close our eyes to the shadow side of our influences, “When trouble comes to town, men like me come around. Oh, my daddy said shoot.”

Thank you for supporting me on this journey through the Bey Tarot. Stay tuned for the next article on The Lovers, The Chariot, and Strength cards!




Unless otherwise stated, I do not claim credit for the images used for the tarot cards, but have set them on a template I designed.  The purpose of this blog is information and education, not financial compensation. The opinions and ideas expressed here are out of worship, respect, and love for the artist Beyoncé, and are in no way meant to harm or hurt others. Images from this series are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image on this blog that belongs to you, and you wish for it to be taken down, please Email me at and it will be promptly removed.