Weekly Lightning Reading: March 6th-12th

Here is your weekly Lightning Reading! An overview of the energy of the week for everyone. The theme is Transformation! 

The Beginning of week is all about connection. Which makes sense because Venus Retrograde is in full swing! Do your relationships uplift you or cause pain? Now is the time for a total shift in the way you look at your romantic relationships and friendships. Though this is not a time for outward sudden movements, you may find yourself weighing pros and cons. If you're feeling overwhelmed in the heart department, fear not...you are not alone. We're on the ride with you! Prepare for surprises..meaning fits of tears. 😭

The Middle of the week is giving you an opportunity to finish up whatever conversations are incomplete. By leaving feelings unspoken, you are tied to a heavy burden..which puts a halt on your healing process..and also your transformation! You need not wade in the muck if all it takes is being honest with yourself and others. Fly free, and finish that symphony. 

The Weekend feels like a mad dash to get from point A to point B. Where are you being limited in your belief systems? Linear time is something we've created. Spirit knows no time, only divine timing. The more constricted and afraid you are...the less fun you're having. Throw away your schedule for once..and enjoy the blessing it is to breathe. 

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