Weekly Lightning Reading: March 20th-26th

Here is your weekly Lightning Reading! An overview of the energy of the week. The theme is Trusting! 


The Beginning of week is the beginning of Spring! All of the internal work you've been doing during the slow winter months is paying off. However, now that the messages you've sent out into the field of possibilities are received, there is a waiting period...which is a crucial part of the process. Be patient during this transitional time. No need to rush or believe that all is lost. Take a moment to breathe. 

The Middle of the week, you may notice some old patterns returning around anger and frustration. It is Aries season after all, which inspires outspokenness and fiery determination. Instead of dwelling on the past and the old way you used to handle these situations, try a new approach. The rerun is sparked by your need to learn the lesson again. See what's different, and how you can change your response. There's always another point of view. Trust that the return is for a reason. 

The Weekend will remind you of the "Winged Wise Ones" that are on your side. Remember that angels come in many forms, sometimes even in the form of an enemy. Instead of being so quick to assume that you are not supported..know that the universe and angels never send you anything that you cannot handle. You have more help than you know. Notice the angel numbers that show up around this time, 444: a thousand angels surround you now, you are supported. 111: be conscious of your thoughts, they are manifesting quickly! The angels want you to know they're here for you. Trust them. 

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