Weekly Lightning Reading: March 13th-19th

Here is your weekly Lightning Reading! An overview of the energy of the week for everyone. Using my new deck! The theme is Service! 

The Beginning of week reminds you of the importance of hard work. Even if you feel that your job is not ideal, how can you reframe it as an act of service instead? Every contribution you make is working towards a common goal, even if that goal is to make the lives of your coworkers or team members easier. And you choose to show up to work with a good attitude or a bad attitude...the job does not decide that part. Change your mind about your experience. See the beauty that can be found in serving others. 

The Middle of the week is an opportunity to lead with integrity in the workplace. The people around you feed off of your energy, and you can be a beacon of hope for all involved if you choose. Instead of getting frustrated by the "negative Nancy" of the office, mirror back that which you wish to see. Be positive, contribute your love to the space. You don't have to be inauthentic, but bring the power of your compassion. You'll be surprised by the outcome, you might just have a good time! 😇

The Weekend is asking you to silence the voice of fear within. Draw upon the strength you have to calm the ego's persistent "party pooper" point of view. You have the tools to show up with grace, poise, and peace. The high road is not the easy road. In service of your higher self, be the queen or king that you are. Not to be above others, but to show them the way, and lift them with you. 

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