Weekly Lightning Reading: Jan. 30th-Feb. 5th 2017

Weekly Lightning Readings are back! An overview of the energy of the week.

The Beginning of the week offers us a chance to finish up any projects or loose ends that we've been putting off. It is a time of completion. While grief can come from this, it is also an opportunity to be set free from emotional burdens. 

The Middle of the week calls for us to reclaim our independence and find comfort in that. You have all the tools you need to be successful and happy on your own. The less you depend on others to fulfill and guide you, the better! Do not be hindered by naysayers. Protect the seeds you've planted. 

The Weekend is bound to be a whirlwind of activity! But, also a reminder that time can stretch and expand to suit our needs. Linear time is something we've created as humans. What would it be like to connect to the clock and timing of the universe instead? When you feel impatient...ask for a clear sign of why delays are happening! 😉

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