Weekly Lightning Reading: Feb. 27th-March 5th

Here is your weekly Lightning Reading! An intuitive overview of the energy of the week. The theme is Abundance! 

The Beginning of week is a time of reviewing finances. Where does your money go? How is it made? And do you feel valued? True abundance isn't really about money, but exchanging value. It's time to shift your perception around worthiness. When you find yourself getting emotional or anxious about your financial situation, put on your favorite song and shake your second chakra. This is a call for you to loosen up! 😏😉

The Middle of the week asks you to notice repetitive patterns around abundance. Are you open to receiving? When you get paid, do you spend it all at once? Round and around we go, but it's time to get off the rollercoaster! I recommend writing down your beliefs about money that don't serve you, and burn them in a safe place. To take the next step, some letting go is needed. 

The Weekend presents themes of flexibility. Do you feel lost about your authentic purpose? You can absolutely relocate your inspiration. But, at times it's good to be flexible about how abundance and the next steps show up. Release your attachment to how wealth and career options are presented. You could be missing important messages because you're hanging onto a vision too tightly. Open your eyes, be willing to bend with the changing Pisces tides. 

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Weekly ReadingBrooke Dabalos