Weekly Lightning Reading: Feb. 20th-26th

Here is your weekly Lightning Reading! An overview of the energy of the week for everyone. The theme is Letting Go...and it called for the help of two decks! 

The Beginning of week is urging you to release what no longer serves, while also tuning into hidden emotions that dwell beneath. As we've transitioned into Pisces energy, it's time to cry, feel all the feels, and forgive. When I speak of forgiveness, this also extends to forgiving yourself. 

The Middle of the week reminds that in order to co-create with the universe, you must be clear in the way you communicate. Deep down, if you are not being honest about what you truly desire, the cell-reception between you and your intuition gets wonky. Ask yourself, "why do I really want to make this change?" Dig through the layers and find out your truthful and wisest answer (for now ;) 

The Weekend is great time to hibernate and be discerning about what you focus on. Create your vision board, or make a list of goals for the month. You will benefit from funneling emotionally charged energy into forward-thinking tasks. Channel the psychic, cosmic ocean of Pisces, and use it as fuel. 

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Weekly ReadingBrooke Dabalos