Weekly Lightning Reading: Feb. 13th-19th

Here is your weekly Lightning Reading! An overview of the energy of the week for everyone. The theme of this week is SLOW and STEADY! 

The Beginning of week presents a chance to shift directions. If you've been really focused on internal self-care, now is the time to take off your pjs and get out! If you've been working hard, it's time to get some rest. The fire is raging. Time for inspiration, change, and re-energizing. 

The Middle of the week is directing you to be patient with yourself. In this modern age, with so much information and media at your fingertips, finding real quiet time to think is challenging. Make an effort to unplug for a few hours. Connect with others in real life! Connect with yourself and guides in a quiet place. Burning the candle at both ends may cause unwellness during this sensitive time. 

The Weekend is asking you to be discerning about who you spend your time and energy on. That toxic friendship you've been hanging onto is finally bothering you enough cause uneasiness. The patterns in your relationships are linked to what you allow. Need more clarity? Create better boundaries. The people who really love you and who are meant to stick around will. 

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Weekly ReadingBrooke Dabalos