Bey Tarot, Part 1: The Fool’s Journey Into the Yoncé Ocean

What do witchy friends do on a Friday night? Study tarot, astrology, and talk shop! I have never been drawn to tarot in the past, but this night, along with an awesome class at Portland School of Astrology inspired me to delve deeper, and learn more about this mysterious deck.

In my moment of obsessing over the tarot and it’s powerful magic, I had a ping of genius… “What if there was a Beyoncé tarot deck?!”

Beyoncé goddess worship has been in my sphere since I saw Destiny’s Child open up for Christina Aguilera when I was 12. Her artistry, “slayage,” and boss lady Virgo vibes lift us all. If you’ve been following the Queen since her pop-culture inception, you know she has had many faces and phases…much like the figures in the Major Arcana.

Fueled by the Pisces Solar Eclipse and New Moon energy, the fire was lit. I sat at my computer for over 10 hours searching for imagery that matched the Major Arcana. It was a nostalgic merry-go-round of remembering lyrics, listening to music, studying tarot, and finding out that the Queen Goddess Bey had literally laid this project out for me. My training in graphic design and determined Triple Capricorn attributes also helped. I was hooked.


So, like every journey, I’ll start off with The Fool.

Image from  Say My Name  Music Video by: Destiny's Child

Image from Say My Name Music Video by: Destiny's Child

As a card of new beginnings, Bambi-like enthusiasm, risk, and foolishness, I thought the Bey of Destiny’s Child would be the perfect place to start. The song, Say My Name weaves a tale of deceit, young love, and the internal dialogue of insecurity in relationships. And let’s face it…we’ve all been there. The song never resolves to say, “Boy Bye” either, but leaves us with a question, “Why the sudden change?” which reminds me of the fool leaping off into the field of possibility...acting on impulse and emotions instead of facts/form. 


Next we have The Magician.

Image from  Flawless  Music Video by: Beyonce

Image from Flawless Music Video by: Beyonce

As a card of action, preparedness, confidence, and power, I knew that Flawless was the best choice. An anthem for many, this song embodies moments in life when we are at our most magical, bold, and courageous. Particularly the lyrics, “You wake up, flawless. Post up, flawless” reminds us that even in a state of “waking up," we can be at our best, inside and out. We are ready for the day from the moment we rise. Makeup, or no makeup. We can bring our energy, creativity, and The Magician’s attitude to every experience… can I get a “Bow down”?


Last, but not least, the amazing High Priestess.

Image from Beyonce's Grammy Performance 2017, Poetry by: Warsan Shire

Image from Beyonce's Grammy Performance 2017, Poetry by: Warsan Shire

If you saw the Grammy’s this year, you know the Queen pulled out all the goddesses for this performance. Watching it was a spiritual experience. An impeccable representation of the Divine Feminine and The High Priestess, which is a card of intuition, higher power, and mystery. To top it all off, Bey ended the performance with the words of poet, Warsan Shire, “If we’re going to heal, let it be glorious,” which encapsulates the High Priestess themes of trusting in the unfolding of divine order.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. The combination of Bey’s magic and the tarot is enough to make me burst! It’s an ocean of emotion and devotion! Stay tuned for the next article on The Empress, The Emperor, and The Hierophant.



Unless otherwise stated, I do not claim credit for the images used for the tarot cards, but have set them on a template I designed.  The purpose of this blog is information and education, not financial compensation. The opinions and ideas expressed here are out of worship, respect, and love for the artist Beyoncé, and are in no way meant to harm or hurt others. Images from this series are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image on this blog that belongs to you, and you wish for it to be taken down, please Email me at and it will be promptly removed.

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