Lightning Monthly: March 2016

Happy March!

Hello friends!  My apologies for taking a little update break in February.  I'm sure you experienced the intensity last month..felt like it passed in a day! Anywho, I'm back with regular monthly updates, giving you an overview for the energy of the coming weeks, as well as the fun events that are coming up!

Here is your Lightning Reading for the month of March 2016: 


For the first week of the month, we started with a Leap Day, and it provided the energy and momentum to actually take leaps! If your ideas and plans were dormant, it was the time to at least get started. Any obstacles or puddles in the way are self-made.  It was also a week when our emotions took over...everything... Pisces energy can bring out the know-it-all in everyone. No, you didn't know it all. And neither does anyone else. Despite what you might think, we all did our best to get through it! 

For the second week of the month, it is time to remain tranquil.  We have a new moon in Pisces, which is also a solar eclipse on March 8th.  Eclipses are about pulling inward, and initiation.  Because it is in Pisces, this has to do with initiating conversations or shifts dealing with emotions.  There will be major changes to how you feel about your friendships, relationships, and family connections.  You'll either want to pull closer, or take some space.  You might feel like being a homebody in the coming days, and you shouldn't feel bad about that.  We are cautioned to not travel, or do anything drastic during the first half of the week.  Allow the new moon and eclipse dust to settle!  For the second half of the week, since the new moon energies will linger around, when life feels crazy in front of you, take a moment to breathe before you act.  If you're presented with challenges, rise above and try to understand why they're coming to you at this time.  The darkness is just as powerful as the light, and has much to teach you!  

For the third week of the month, we will be in planning mode.  The looming spring time inspires us to reorganize, redecorate, and get rid of clutter.  This means clutter in relationships too.  It's a good time for contemplation, before "Springing forward" ;) Get those vacations planned for summer.  Create a budget.  Reach out to the friends you haven't seen in a while.  The coming weeks will be incredibly busy, so take this moment of pause to lay out your map!  You can't reach for the stars if you can't see past the big pile of to-do's in front of you.  

For the fourth week of the month, it's time to tie up any loose ends.  Even if you feel out of control of your situation (which you are ;), it is all unfolding into a beautiful symphony, that you've been working on your whole life!  You will never fully be finished making changes and improving, so you might as well focus on it while you have in push from the universe.   How can you find more stability?  How can you finish at least one task per day that is on your list?  How can you complete what you've already started instead of diving into a new project?  This is also a week where we have a Lunar Eclipse, March 23rd!!  Yes, 2 eclipses in one month is a lot to handle!  This eclipse has to do with our relationship with the self.  How can we give ourselves more of what we need?  How can we honor our commitments to ourselves better?  It represents an end of emotional struggle, and a beginning of new lessons.  Buckle up your seat belts for some serious internal changes!    

For the fifth and final week of this long month, we will be put to work!  It will feel like time is shrinking a bit, and like you don't have enough time to just be!  The month has led us to this moment of hard work, but also harvest.  The best part about working hard, is that you can actually see the impact you've made.  Yes, it's tiring and time consuming, but you have a finished product to look at and be proud of.  How can you really recognize your accomplishments?  How can you see action as a blessing?  2016 is a year for positive, try not to kick and scream through the whole thing!  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

 Please remember to go back to this reading when you need some comfort during the month!  If you'd like to book your own personal reading, please contact me at!

Thank you for your support and love as we all navigate these shifts.  It is a blessing to be of service and watch you grow!  Many blessings as we embark on an intense, emotion-filled journey this month!  See below for the fun events coming up!

All of my love to each and every one of you,
The Lady of Lightning

Brooke Dabalos