Lightning Monthly: January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Hello friends!  Welcome to the first Lightning Newsletter of 2016!  Wow, I can't believe that it's already here!  You might be feeling like taking a long winter's nap after the ups and downs of 2015...same here!  But, we've got quite an eventful month ahead of us.  

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Here is your Lightning Reading for the month of January 2016:

  For the first week of the month, we will be focused on the partnerships in our lives.  Even though the beginning of Mercury Retrograde starts this week (January 5th-January 25th), it is a good time to have clarity conversations with people you do business with, your significant other, and anyone else you're in partnership with.  How are these relationships functioning for you?  Do you feel appreciated?  Do you feel loved?  Or do you feel neglected?  Even if you don't bring up these conversations...they might come up anyways.  Who are you loyal to and why?  That is the question.  If you are loyal at heart, and choose to be peaceful as well as mindful, then you will know intuitively whether it is time to leave the partnership, reform it and stay, or leave it alone and..suffer?  Even if the issues are not resolved this week, it is a good time to start the conversation...and keep on reviewing throughout the month.

For the second week of the month, it's time to get going!  It might feel easier to let your responsibilities and new opportunities sit around on the shelf, but it is not time to rest on your laurels.  Review your contracts, reorganize your office, release old patterns, revive good habits, refresh your life!  You don't have to hide during Mercury Retrograde, you can flourish and get it all done.  Yes, it's good to back up your computers, and read everything carefully, but don't let the haze of lazy wash over you this week.  Continue to work towards your goals, even if you're moving at a snail's pace.  Any forward movement will be rewarded.  The door is just ahead of you, and it's been swinging open, waiting for you to enter!

For the third week of the month, and the last full week of Mercury Retrograde, the burning question we will all be asking is, "Why?".  Why am I here?  What is the purpose of this part of my career?  Why am I in this relationship?  Why, why, why?  It's a good time to reflect upon the progress you've made, but also look at why you are where you are.  If you're working the job for the must look for deeper meaning.  If you're in the relationship because it's familiar...go searching for the root of your love.  If you're wondering why you feel so alone...ask yourself why you fear being with others.  We all have a why.  And the more clear we are about that why, the easier it is to get up in the morning.  The easier it is to create solutions, rather than problems.  Don't be afraid to dig and find your own answers. Self-inquiry is the key to growth, and expansion.

For the fourth week of the month, with the lingering shadow period of Mercury Retrograde looming, we will be ready to work hard.  You might be exhausted and still overthinking the mistakes of 2015, but you must pick up the ax and start chopping away.  This is a good time to start reaching out, if you had been holding back during the retrograde.  Send out those emails, edit your resume, make that phone call, ask your crush out for tea...TAKE LEAPS.  It is with hard work, some risk, and courage that you will attain the goals slated before the ball dropped on January 1st.  Your resolutions do not have to fall away like wilted leaves.  They can be sculpted over time, and change to suit your needs.  Try not to get hung up on where you "SHOULD" be...there's no such thing as should!  Remove it from your vocabulary this year. ;) 

Please remember to go back to this reading when you need some comfort during the month!  If you'd like to book your own personal reading, please contact me at!

  Thank you for your support while I continue to share my gifts and be of service to the world.  Many blessings and so much light to you as you navigate the beginning of this year.  Keep an eye out for the next Lightning Monthly, February 2016! 

All of my love to each and every one of you,
The Lady of Lightning

Brooke Dabalos