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The Lightning Center

A space for healing, creativity, and magic.


5511 N. Albina Ave. #5

The Lightning Center is a peaceful oasis located in North Portland, Oregon. This is where The Lady of Lightning offers her services including, Intuitive Readings, Sound Healing, Couples Readings, Intuitive Training, and Private Workshops. By-appointment only. 

In addition to the healing work provided here, every month, The Lightning Center donates a percentage of sales to humanitarian and environmental relief efforts. We are dedicated giving back to the global community, and every time you book a session, you are helping us contribute! 


The Lightning Center Presents…

A monthly magazine! Each one with a theme applicable to the current Astrology/Season. Written by The Lady of Lightning or other spiritually focused voices in the world community. A percentage of each Zine sold (digital and print) will be donated to an environmental, humanitarian, or educational cause of the writer’s choice. Heal yourself, and heal the world at the same time.  Get Volume 1 here!