The Clarity Wand Necklace ©: Wire-Wrapped Selenite

The Clarity Wand Necklace ©: Wire-Wrapped Selenite


The Clarity Wand Necklace ©

Selenite is a stone of clarity and intuition.  As a stone that is associated with the moon, it has cleansing properties that can assist with clearing illness as well as physical items and other crystals. Selenite is also a stone of honesty, which causes the owner to trust in their instincts and intuitive gifts.  It also transmutes harmful EMF waves that come from electronic devices.

Please note that stone shapes and sizes may vary slightly. Each piece is unique!

Made with nickel free chain, and semiprecious stones.

All jewelry items are cleansed, blessed with loving, healing intentions, and gift wrapped with care before shipment.  Please see the photos for packaging details.  Each piece includes stone descriptions for all of the crystals included, written by The Lady of Lightning.  Ready to be gifted or a special package for yourself!  Personal notes can be added upon request.  

Please feel free to send me a message if you have further questions!


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