The process of healing comes in many forms, but begins with a first step.

All services can be offered in-person or remotely.


Intuitive Readings:

By tapping into messages from your higher self, guides, and angels, The Lady of Lightning can assist you through all transitions in life.  Receive an overview of your past, present, and future, while being empowered to make choices that feel right for you.  

  • Mini Readings: $15 per question via text/email.
  • Full Reading: $60 for 30 minutes, $90 for 1 hour.

Sound Healing Sessions:

The Lady Of Lightning channels divine sound and delivers healing through her voice to your emotional and physical body. She sings specific pitches to reenergize areas of the body that have endured trauma or have become stagnant. She identifies the roots of the challenges you face, and removes any weeds that have stopped you from expanding to your greatest potential. Leave your session feeling lighter and empowered to change. Reading and Healing Combo Sessions available upon request. 

  • Full Session: $90 for 1 hour.



I am so amazed with the feeling of lightness that I have had all week. Even when some fear started to rise, I felt it as a fog versus a heavy load to carry. I knew it was leaving me. My shoulder pain is gone...Along with a lot of the anger I was holding.
— Sound Healing and Reading Client
I must say, I had faith and believed in you, but what you did is very powerful..There are times when I can just take a moment and go back to the things you said, and listen again, and it helps to bring me back where I need to be.
— Sound Healing and Reading Client
I’m so thankful for the healing and teachings Brooke has brought into my life. Her caring guidance allows me to feel encouraged and open to exploring my intuitive connections. Brooke’s soothing energy instantly puts you at ease, making you more comfortable and receptive to receiving the loving messages the universe has for us.
— Intuitive Skills Mentorship and Reading Client
Working with Brooke helped me to better connect with my intuition. She is a gifted listener and guide.
— Intuitive Skills Mentorship and Reading Client