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Mini Readings


    Guidance on-the-go. 

    Having a rough day? Need to make a quick decision about a new job, house, or relationship? Mini Readings offer you a quick solution, without the big financial commitment! 

    Your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours, often within the hour. This is the perfect way to experience a reading if this is your first time. 

    • $15 per question.


    Intuitive Readings


    Get a bird's eye view. 

    Are you in the midst of a major life change, and need help seeing the bigger picture? Intuitive Readings give you the space to step back, and find the clarity you have been seeking. Become aware of your mental and emotional blocks. Open your eyes to the opportunities for growth and healing in your current situation. Be heard, acknowledged, and inspired to do what is best for you. 

    Receive your session in-person in Portland, Oregon, or via phone. Skype also available upon request. 

    • $60 for 30 Minutes.
    • $90 for 1 Hour.
    • $100 for a 1 Hour Reading/Healing Combo Session. 


    Sound Healing


    Tune up your energy. 

    For thousands of years, humans have used music and sound to bring healing to the body, mind, and spirit. Sound Healing sessions help to remedy emotional and physical ailments, using the power of Reiki and the voice. By singing specific pitches to energy centers on the body, The Lady of Lightning leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Identify the root causes of pain and stress, and begin the process of letting go.

    Receive your session in-person in Portland, Oregon. Distance Healing is available upon request! 

    • $60 for 30 Minutes.
    • $90 for 1 Hour.
    • $100 for a 1 Hour Reading/Healing Combo Session.


    Sound Healing Sessions are in no way meant to replace Medical or Psychiatric care. Please seek advice from your doctor to cure, treat, and mitigate illness or diseases. 



    Private Events


      Bring magic to the party. 

      Intuitive Readings are a fun addition to any gathering! Share the gift of healing with guests at your wedding, birthday, or office party. 

      Services can be acquired by the hour, or purchased individually by your guests. Available in Portland, Oregon, and willing to travel longer distances upon request. 

      • 10 Guests Minimum.